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DIP Switches on HP 1553 Tape Drive

Ralph Morton
Occasional Visitor

DIP Switches on HP 1553 Tape Drive

I have a 1553 tape drive in a 12000e autoloader. It is working for now but when I run the HP Library and Tape Tools it indicates the DIP switches are not set correctly for my application. I am running a Windows 98SE machine with Retrospect as the backup software.

I have yet to encounter problems but I would like to determine whether or not the switches are set as they should be for my particular application.

I did not find any references to them in the KB or this forum.

Thanks in advance,

Greg Carlson
Honored Contributor

Re: DIP Switches on HP 1553 Tape Drive


What are your switch settings? The default settings are: 1,2 ON, 3 Off, 4,5,6,7,8 ON ** You can reference this link for what all the switch settings are:

Also there is not the option for LTT from the C1553a dds-2 autoloader page. There are only two diags for HPUX 10.x and 11.x which normally means that LTT is not supported on that device so it most likely is a false error. If you are not failing your backups that further supports the false error.

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