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DL580 G2 will not start with MSL5000 powered on

Corey Wilson_2
Occasional Advisor

DL580 G2 will not start with MSL5000 powered on

Hello all,

I had originally posted this under servers, but I realize this would have been a better forum for this question - so I apologize.

I have an MSL5000 connected to a DL580 G2 via LSI Logic SCSI3 PCI card. When the Tape library is powered on the server will not past post and the scsi detection of this device. On the tape drive's LCD, I changed the SCSI ID from 0 to 2, and connected the scsi cable on the scsi card to port1 this morning from the defaults of bus0 on the card and id 0 of the tape device.

When I start the server with the tape drive powered on, the scsi bios detection rolls through until it hits BUS1 ID 2 (where the tape drive is set for) and then the tape drive starts to do its diagnostics, the arm starts moving and scanning tape slots etc. So obviously the server sees it. It is very slow going from this point on though, when the server hits the SCSI BIOS screen that says "Showing list of non INIT 13 devices" or whatever it displays one entry of the first scsi bus of the card and then the second where it shows the SDLT in bus1. The information for this line is as follows:

Slot=6 Port=01 ID=1 LUN=0 vendor=compaq product=sdlt320 rev=4b4b sync=(empty) wide=(empty) capacity=(empty)

Im thinking its a setting on the drive itself causing this but not sure what to change. Mind you if the tape drive is powered off the server starts up fine. With the tape drive powered on though, the server hangs at the init13 devices screen after listing the tape drive.

Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated! Im sure its something simple, however this is the first one of these Ive dealt with so have limited knowledge.

Corey Wilson_2
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL580 G2 will not start with MSL5000 powered on

It appears the server does actually boot and sees the drive, however it takes probaly close to a full four minutes at the POST screen, and also durnig the Windows 2003 splash screen it takes over a good minute to minute and a half where without the drive powered on the it shoots through the POST screen in under 30 seconds and maybe another 30 seconds during the windows 2003 splash screen. I am presuming this is not normal as I have never seen it take this long with other drives on the same servers.
Leslie Martin
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL580 G2 will not start with MSL5000 powered on

You may have a device, cabling or termination problem. I'd try connecting only one device at a time ie library OR tape drive to see if the POST detection speeds up.