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DLT 15/30 Library (Compaq c5151c/HP 4115c)

Craig Tisdale
Occasional Visitor

DLT 15/30 Library (Compaq c5151c/HP 4115c)

I just acquired a Compaq DLT 15/30 15 cartridge library (Compaq C5151C/HP 4115C/F). Unfortunately I can not find any driver or firmware for it. Microsoft shows that it is compatible with Win2000, so there must be something some current driver for it.

I have checked HP/Compaqâ s site for any information about the component and all I can find is instruction for upgrading it to a 20/40. Does anyone know where I could find current drivers and firmware for it? Even if you can tell me there is nothing available for it that would help me take another coarse of action.

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT 15/30 Library (Compaq c5151c/HP 4115c)

What backup application are you planning to use? Most 3rd party backups include their own drivers for windows.
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