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DLT 40/80

Mark Reid_3
Occasional Contributor

DLT 40/80

Flashing Led's on the left hand side.

All Led's on the left hand side of the panel are flashing, I now have several of these and would like to know can i repaair them on site?.

And does anybody know what the fault is?

Many Thanks in advance
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT 40/80


seems like you have a "dropped leader", You can check this looking inside the DLT and seeing if the leader of the tape is out of his position (compare with a good one).
another sympthom is that you will heard a :"flap flap flap" every ~ 20 seconds.

If you are in that case, let us know, there is somewhere a link that explain how to reatach it, or if the DLT is still on warranty, log a call to HP
Mohamed K Ahmed
Trusted Contributor

Re: DLT 40/80

You have a bad tape drive, call HP to replace.
It might be the leader, take a look inside the drive, can you see the leader in its regular position or is it not attached to this plastic hook?

Mark Reid_3
Occasional Contributor

Re: DLT 40/80

It is not the leader, the drive fails before the self test.

the second it is powered on - failed all led on the left are flashing.

It looks like an electronic fail ?

any more idea's welcome