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DLT 40 tape drives connected

Peter A. Ruby_1
Occasional Visitor

DLT 40 tape drives connected

My copmany has 2 DLT 40 external drives. The first one was on its own SCSI card w/ a terminator on the end, ID 5. Backups ran fine to it. We took the terminator off, and attached a second DLT 40 drive to it. The second drive has a terminator on it, at ID 6. Raqn a backup that started at 11:00PM to the first drive, and another that ran at 3:00 AM next day to the second drive. The first backup job to the opriginal drive did not run. It can not format the tape. The second on runs fine. There are no changes made to the frist drive, except moving the terminator, and tha backup job was not changed. The drives are not seen as a "pool" in the backup software, ARCserve 6.5 for WinNT4.0. The event log error is : Event ID 11, "The driver detected a controller error on device\scsiport1".

Any ideas why this is happening?

Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT 40 tape drives connected

Things like that can happen if your cables are marginally too long. What's your total cable length? What kind of SCSI are you doing? (Fast/Wide, Ultra, LVD, ?)

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