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DLT 4000E on a 9000-C100

Filipe Matos
Occasional Advisor

DLT 4000E on a 9000-C100

i am about to buy a DLT drive for backups on my small file server. This is 9000-C100.
Since the data volume that i wich to backup
is today over 11 GB, i will have to do the job with some DLT drive. After searching for available DLT drives (HP only) i found that the model DLT4000E-SE 20-40GB extern SE-SCSI
could be a good choice for me if:
1 - There are no known problems with the kind of hardware that i have;
2 - It is possible to create a device file with compression for use with tar.

If i could reach a compression level from ca. 1,5:1 (that is 30GB on 1 cartdrige) would be enough for the near future.

Please comment on this if you have some experience (oder sugestions are also welcome).

Thank you



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