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DLT 418 Autoloader not autoloading

Occasional Contributor

DLT 418 Autoloader not autoloading

Hello. I have a DLT 418E autoloader with 8 slots, the problem that I am having is that when I am using Veritas BackupExec 10d it is not pulling the next tape from the library after one is full. Instead Veritas just sits there and waits for me to manually load the next tape. It is as if I cannot control the tape drive from Veritas. Also if I perform an inventory from Veritas it only tells me what tape is in the actual drive and no information about the other tapes that are loaded in the library???? I am running Windows Server 2003 with SP2, 1GB of RAM, Adaptec 29160 SCSI card (DLT 418 is the only device on the card),etc. Veritas only recognizes the Autoloader as a single drive not as a library. Thanks!
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT 418 Autoloader not autoloading

I think you answered your own question there... Veritas doesn't see the robotics.

Make absolutely sure that you're NOT running the Windows library management software (Removable Storage Manager (RSM), if I remember correctly).

Once the MS sofware grabs control of the robotics, other backup software will not detect the device.

Also, check the installation guide for the Veritas software - it probably includes directions on how to do this.


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Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT 418 Autoloader not autoloading

Also check your device manager to see if you OS detects the medium changer. Check the medium changer front panel configuration to make certain that it is in "Random" or "Automatic" mode. If it is in "Stacker" mode then the robotics will not be accessible over the SCSI bus.

There may be a licensing issue. I'm not familiar with BE10d but some apps require a different license for medium changer devices.