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DLT 7000 Wont read tapes

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

DLT 7000 Wont read tapes

Hello. We have a DLT 7000 that seems to have given up the ghost. We have updated the firmware and cleaned the drive but its still the same.

The problem is that when a tape is inserted, it starts its usual winding, then the cleaning light comes on, it makes its usual loud noise, the tape winds for a while, it detects it as a 35 tape, then starts again, loud noise, wind, noise, 35 tape, noise, wind etc - this goes on for ever.

The only way to get the tape out is to power it off and hit the eject button immediately after powering it back on.

Does anyone know if it could be something simple, or are we going to have to send it off for repair?

Many thanks.