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DLT 7000 and Win 2000

mike greene_1
Occasional Visitor

DLT 7000 and Win 2000

Can I install this tape drive onto a windows 2000 machine?

It seems that I can't find a driver for it.

Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: DLT 7000 and Win 2000


DLT 7000 or DLT70?

Basically they're the same product, but 7000 is for UNIX and DLT70 for Win environment - if my RAM isn't failing. You should be able to use DLT70 driver with it.

Internal drive support page:

Ext drive support:

If you use a backup software (other than NTBackup) most likely you do not need a driver for it at all.


Re: DLT 7000 and Win 2000

DLT7000 and DLT70 are the same. One is not made for Unix! They both work on most OS's. They W2k native drivers are OK, but when you install a backup software program it will install it's own drivers for the device anyway.
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