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DLT 7000 unclaimed.

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Ruben Tapia_1
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DLT 7000 unclaimed.

Hi every body and thanks in advanced for your help!

I conected a BLT 7000 on HPUX, and when i type ioscan -fn |grep DLT i recived the message UNCLAIMED, i try to install it by the SAM interfacem, but i couldn't, msg is: in peripherals no detected.

Could you help me please?

malvin drakley
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Re: DLT 7000 unclaimed.

Hi if you have never had a tape device on your system before you will need to go into sam again, but this time to the kernel section, then to the drivers section and add anything that mentions tape. Re compile the kernel and after the machine has rebooted you should see the DLT

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Re: DLT 7000 unclaimed.


You can also try this without doing with SAM.
try this...

*to creat new CLAIMED device tape:
# insf -e -C tape

*to check the output:
# ioscan -fnC tape

Hope this helps

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