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DLT 7000

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DLT 7000


I would like to know if I can daisy train my DLT 7000 with any hp tape drive. If I can, how do I configure the tape drives?

A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: DLT 7000

The answer is yes and no. You are allowed only one DLT7000 or DLT8000 per dedicated SCSI bus.
If you exceed this, the DLT's will be starved for data. However, I interpret this rule to be only 1 ACTIVE drive per dedicated SCSI bus.

This is okay so long as only ONE drive is in use at a time:

SCSI Controller (with Terminator) (7) ---- DLT7000 (2) ---- DLT4000(1) --- Terminator.

A maximum of 2 active DLT4000's are allowed per dedicated bus.

Note: Dedecated bus means no disk drives, CD-ROM's, etc.

If you wish to share drives between hosts this worls as well:

Host A SCSI Controller (with Terminator) (7) -----
DLT7000 (2) ----- DLT4000 (1) ----- Host B SCSI Controller (with Terminator) (6).

But again, at most one active drive at any time.

Regards, Clay
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Re: DLT 7000

Thanks Clay.