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DLT 8000 and 4000

Occasional Advisor

DLT 8000 and 4000

can i daisy chain a 8000 drive and 4000 drive without a performance hit?

can a dlt 8000 drive over right tape media writtian by a 4000

can a dlt 8000 read a tape writtan by a 4000
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Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT 8000 and 4000


You will definitely get a performance problem
by daisychaining any more than one DLT4000
tape drive on a SCSI chain.
You would be extremely lucky to get two
8000 drives to even work on the same
chain let alone have a performance problem.

Depending on the media, a DLT8000 *should*
overwrite a tape that had been previously
written in DLT 4000. The same can be said for
reading a tape. You cannot of course go the
other way and get a DLT 4000 to read a tape
that has been written by a DLT 8000, unless
a special device has been created for it.

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paul courry
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT 8000 and 4000

Michael, I'm not so sure on combining an 8000 and a 4000 on an single HSC card. The first question is *which box*? Some cards have bandwidth of 32Mhz, others have 40Mhz and others have ? The next question is whether they will both be in use at the same time.

I think this one should be bumped up to HP because of the HSC bandwidth question, we don't even know what box he is running this on, much less which HSC card.
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT 8000 and 4000

Hi Paul,

I could be wrong, but I am sure I have
seen some a number of posts in here in regards
to having more than one 8000 drive on the
same chain. They all seemed to be of the
opinion that there would not be enough
data streamed to keep the 800 tape drive
occupied. Going on other questions from
this user, they are not actually targeted
at one type of box, but are mainly
generalised questions.
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