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Re: DLT 8000 and drive HP C7200-8000 issue

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Matthew A Speirs
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DLT 8000 and drive HP C7200-8000 issue

We have just resently restored our L9000 system with our ignite tape. We are running HP-UX 11.11 OS. Everything worked just fine but we are getting this message when we run IOScan

0/7 ba Local PCI Bus Adapter (782)
0/7/0/0 ext_bus SCSI C87x Fast Wide Differential
0/7/0/0.0 target
0/7/0/0.0.0 tape QUANTUM DLT8000
0/7/0/0.6 target
0/7/0/0.6.0 unknown HP C7200-8000
0/7/0/0.7 target
0/7/0/0.7.0 ctl Initiator

what do we need to do to get the HP C7200-8000 back to a known device instead of unknown
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Re: DLT 8000 and drive HP C7200-8000 issue

This is the robot inside the C7200 tape library - you need to include the "schgr" driver into the kernel.

Hope this helps!

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