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DLT Autoloader 818 -- Critical Errors !!!

David Hüls
Occasional Visitor

DLT Autoloader 818 -- Critical Errors !!!

Hello to all,

i have some critical errors on my DLT Autoloader 818:

1. E6941 The library mechanism is having difficulty communicating with the drive
2. E1306 Unable to connect to Tape Engine
3. E8000 Critical Error, changer must have at least one changer drive assigned

These errors appear every time i try to communicate with it through CA ArcServe2000!

I then startet the "HP Library & Tape Tools" and made some tests with the following results:

1. Device Scan -- Fails with errors:
- The Device Scan failed to find all the library drives for at least on library
- 1 Drive of library at address 2.1.0 could not be found! Critical Error

2. I wanted to select the Drive in the "Test"-Section but an error appears:
"The Device is currently not accessible, it cannot be selected."

Does anyone know some hints or had the same problem? Is the drive defective or misconfigured (Note that the drive worked properly for about 1,5 years)..

Please help!!

Thanks in Advance!!

David Hüls from Germany
in-medias-res Gm
Trusted Contributor

Re: DLT Autoloader 818 -- Critical Errors !!!

Check SCSI bios configurations - which ever SCSI ID the unit is on ensure that LUN Support is enabled
David Hüls
Occasional Visitor

Re: DLT Autoloader 818 -- Critical Errors !!!

Thanx for quick answering!

I checked it:

LUN Support is ENABLED!

Any other idea?

David Huels
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT Autoloader 818 -- Critical Errors !!!

The 818 autoloader doesn't use SCSI LUNS.

(The drive and autoloader use different SCSI IDs).

Post the EventLog.ltt file from the LTT logs folder, so I can see what devices are being discovered (and if a driver is mapped and the device is claimed).
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