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DLT Densities on TZ89

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

DLT Densities on TZ89

I have a TZ89 which I want to read the backup(tar) on another DLT driver (20/40Gb). I therefore want to restrict the density of the TZ89 to 20/40Gb which I can do via the front panel and all works OK on other DLT drive. I want to be able to do this change via software, and have been looking at the device files. I have tried rmt0l to no avail and have tried setting up a new driver:

LUN: 0
target ID: 4
Bus: 1
density code ( TZ88 ): 1ah
norewind: 0

Using the formula in man tz I have made a device:

mknod /dev/rmtTEST c 9 20532

When I use this it writes to the correct drive but is unreadable on the other DLT drive, as though it has been written in 35/70 format.

Any ideas?
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: DLT Densities on TZ89

Questions related to or concerning the True64 Unix OS are not handled by the Compaq Support Forum at this time. Please contact True64 Unix support at 1-800-354-9000.