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DLT I/O Errors

Robert P Jessie
Occasional Advisor

DLT I/O Errors

I have a DLT8000 tape drive and I'm getting an I/O error on an (Oracle) datafile. I do the DD if=xxxx of=/dev/null and everything checks out?
Then, I run the same backup to disk and it runs OK?
This is an SAP (BR) backup but it should'nt make any difference.
Robert P Jessie
Occasional Advisor

Re: DLT I/O Errors

OK - I think I have it! It's not actually an I/O error but it runs out of media because I'm using DLT III tapes instead of DLT IV tapes.
When I ran the query in sapdba it
didn't complain because the compression rate for hardware was correct. It doesn't account for the tape type.
It's always something stupid!

Bob Jessie