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DLT Library failure

Mark Henneman
Occasional Contributor

DLT Library failure

I have a SureStore DLT Library 7115w that is failing self test. Below are the error codes - any help would be appreciated....

Device failure 3eh
FRU 1 27
FRU 2 40
FRU 3 43

Motion Rezero
Source 0
Destination 1 0
Destination 2 0
odometer 4554
Micromove1 16h
Micromove2 22h
Micromove3 4h
Micromove4 15h
Micromove5 33h
Micromove6 34h
ER 15h

Someone know what all this means???????

Thanks, Mark
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT Library failure

Restart the librar once more (power off / on).

If it still fails, open a hardware call at HP for it.

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT Library failure

seem that library detected an overforce when initializing,

as suggested, power cycle it, and check also for any obstruction on the picker path
Holger Mehlkopf
Occasional Advisor

Re: DLT Library failure

Failed plunging cartridge into a magazine.
n Look at the Micro-move error of the failure in the error log (under INFO *, and Hardware Error in the
display panel). Look at the transport assembly and vertical encoder strip to make sure that vertical positioningseems to be correct. Replace the transport assembly. Micromoveerror should be Translate over force error. Clear Hard and Softlocks an run a Wellnesstest (1 Loop) and an excersise mech test and see what Failure messages you got.

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT Library failure

The error code, 3Eh, tell us the top level error, translate failure.

The micro-moves tell us what the steps the library was taking. The last 2 are position right to end of travel which passed and position left to end of travel which failed. The error ID, 15h, says what the error was that caused the micro-move and the whole move to fail.

For this case the error is an overforce which means that the picker was trying to position to the left side end of travel and stopped before it had traveled the appropriate distance.

Possible causes of this are an obstruction which has been pointed out several time, damage to the encoder strip under the picker, or damage to the picker's translate mechanism.
Simon Chiu_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: DLT Library failure

It happened to mine (though not exact same model) just yesterday. I opened the side- and the top-covers then power on the device to see how the parts are moving. I found that one of the two wires slipped off the pulley (the wires that pull the base-plate in vertical movement). End up I just put the loose wire back in place and the DLT Library works fine. I'd suggest to open up the covers to see what might get stuck during the initialization. But play it safe, call for professional service if you're in doubt.