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DLT Surestore 2/20

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DLT Surestore 2/20


Can we unlock/open the doors, when the backup job is running in the libarary and start new job in the other drive ?
Sanjay Kumar Suri
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT Surestore 2/20

I don't think so.

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Kurt Beyers.
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Re: DLT Surestore 2/20

No, you cannot.

But if you make sure that the tapes are in the library, you can load a tape to the other drive while the first backup is running. Or just load the two tapes first and then start both backup jobs.

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Curtis Ballard
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Re: DLT Surestore 2/20

Sure you can. Unlocking and opening the doors will prevent the library from doing any moves but it won't in any way effect the backups already running. Using the mailslot is the recommended method of adding/removing tapes. Most applications will require that you initiate the door unlock from their backup console.

If the door is open when the backup application wants to move a tape the backup may fail if the application doesn't handle door open properly but most applications don't have any problem with it. I don't have a list but every application listed as supported by HP is supposed to handle this condition.

Typically the door must be closed withing 30 minutes or the application will give up.