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DLT Tape Drives

Paul Booth (IAD)
Occasional Advisor

DLT Tape Drives

Hello all,
Just aquired 2 DLT Tape drives (Product ID C6367AX and C6383A) they were originally installed on a HP9000 K460.

Can anyone advise if it is possible to install these drives onto a Compaq Proliant DL360 Windows 2000 Server?
Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT Tape Drives


first you need to find out, what type of SCSI-Interface the drives have. Best guess would be UW or SE/LVD.

Find a matching Controller for those guys.
Adaptec UW, U2W or U160 should do it.

Make sure the the controller detects the drives when it scans the bus upon startup of your Server. May be you need to go into the controller Bios and turn down then SCSI speed for the corresponding SCSI IDs (i.E. from 40MB/s to 20MB/s depending on the type of Drive and SCSI Interface you detected).

Once the controller detects the device correctly, Windows 2000 should detect the drives and automaticly install the required Drivers. Get the most recent ones from Quantum and update them.

Should be a piece of cake.