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DLT VS80 Does not read media

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DLT VS80 Does not read media

I have recently hooked up the DLT VS80 drive to my Windows 2003 SBS Server, and am using NTBackup to do my backups. The problem I am having is that the server recognizes the drive, but no the media. I have the correct media, DLT IV tapes, but I receive the following error:

There is no free media available with this selected type.

Add unused media, or click cancel to end the operation.

I am not sure if it is NTBackup that is the problem, or there may be an actual problem with device.

I have installed the LTT sp1 program, and I am still having problems.

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT VS80 Does not read media

First, the DLT VS80 use only brand new DLTiV cartridges. if you had used these media before in aDLT40, DLT70 or DLT80, the VS80 will not be able to write on them until they where degaussed.

Second, if you got this message, this mean you are using NTBackup applet, you should go through Removable Storage to assign media to the free pool, and to format the tape
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Re: DLT VS80 Does not read media

The first reply I received to my problem was handled with pin-point accuracy. The backup worked flawlessly.