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DLT VS80 SCSI settings

Keijo Palts
Occasional Visitor

DLT VS80 SCSI settings

Using IBM xSeries 225 server (with integrated LSI 1030 SCSI adapter) there is a problem with HP Surestore DLT VS80 internal tapedrive. The LSI1030 uses default SCSI settings for DLT VS80, which probably are to high for a tape drive.

So I have to manually adjust following settings in SCSI setup:
MT/Sec (320/160/80/40/20/10/5)
Data With (16/8)
Disconnect (Yes/No)
SCSI Timeout (default=10)
Queue Tags (Yes/No)

Does anyone know what would be the correct settings?
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT VS80 SCSI settings

Speed = I believe 40 will be enough;
Width = 16 bits (but depends on cable and card);
Disconnect = should be Yes. It's SCSI specification, and I guess it's present in SCSI-2 protocol;
Timeout = leave as it is. If there will be problems try to increase to, let's say, 30 seconds (you know drive may take some time to rewind :o) )
Queue Tags = no idea, sorry.
BTW, VS80 is a Benchmark DLT1 drive