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DLT autoloader 718 Tape Jam ! Help

Occasional Advisor

DLT autoloader 718 Tape Jam ! Help

I have a HP autoloader 718 !

When I came in this morning the tape was in hardware error!

I restarted the drive ! I realize that one of the tapes is jammed in the backup unit (the part where the backup is done) !

When I try to unload the tape in the library nothing happens exept a very small "click" sound.

The rest is working fine ... when I restart the unit the drive do it's inventory and say ready after !

Could you help me please !

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT autoloader 718 Tape Jam ! Help

install HP LTT from and upgrade drive and robot with latest firmwares. Then try unloading again. This may help.
Please wait some time while it will be unloading.... maybe up to 20 minutes! Hopefully it will eject the tape.
Good luck!
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT autoloader 718 Tape Jam ! Help

You probably have a dropped leader. This is usually caused by loading a damaged tape. It usually requires replacing the drive though for out of warrenty units, leaders were available from Quantum. They probably still are.

You have to wait for the unload to complete its retries. It will retry for up to 30 minutes and in many cases will be successful. Getting impatient and turning off the library will significantly increase the amount of time it takes to get the tape out.

After the library has been on for at least 15 minutes and preferably several hours try the front panel unload and wait until done. If it fails then DO NOT POWER-CYCLE, run the "Emergency Unload" from the front panel (requires 2.12 firmware, update if not at 2.12)

Once the tape is out check for a dropped leader and for tape damage. There are documents that describe this process on both HP's and Quantum's web sites but I do not have a link right now.