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DLT error message (16 ,19)

DLT error message (16 ,19)

Hi admin
we have DLT 4/40 (P/N:A4682AZ)connect to unix system (N-Class).
Everyday when we replace the tapes on the DLT library , we receive the following messages:

Library Security Has Been Compromised (19 WARNING
Library Door is Open (16) CRITICAL

*can you please give us a good Explanation for these error.
*if these error are only for warning is there away to disbel it from showing.

best regards

Marino Meloni_1
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Re: DLT error message (16 ,19)

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT error message (16 ,19)

Here's my explanation on the tape alerts.

There are 3 TapeAlerts from the library associated with the door(s) and security.

flag 16: Library Door. The operation has failed because the library door is open
flag 19: Library Security. Library security has been compromised.
flag 20: Library Security Mode. The security mode of the library has been changed.

Flag 16 is set if an operation (e.g. move or inventory) is requested when the door is open.
Flag 19 is set when an operater has unlocked/opened a door.
Flag 20 is set when someone has changed the library security settings. This happens when:
1) The hosts sends a 'prevent media removal' command to the library which changes the state.
2) The operator changes the security mode from the front panel ('prevent media access' config).

You said that flag 16 and 19 are being set. Flag 16 would indicate that your software send a command to the library when the door was actually open. Flag 19 just indicates that the door was opened and closed at some point. The intent of flag 19 is to alert the software that the tape inventory may have changed, and it should re-inventory the tapes.

There is no way to disable the library from sending these tapealerts.
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harry d brown jr
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Re: DLT error message (16 ,19)

David, that is funny, on Mohmmed's other post I directed him to your answer in a different thread:,,0x6c471aca6930d611abd50090277a778c,00.html

And with your answer you got a whole 1 point - lame in my opinion, when it should have gotten a 10+.

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