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DLT vs80e dissapears from Device Manager

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DLT vs80e dissapears from Device Manager

I recently added an external DLT vs80 to the LP2000r W2k server via the SCSI B port (SCSI id 5).Everything looks fine, Bios finds it at reboot, HP Lib.& Tape Tool finds it and all tests pass. But when I start NTBackup it will run for about 1 minute, and then stop.

The backup log tells me:"Error: The device reported an error on a request to write data to media.
Error reported: Hardware failure."

And the event log says:
"Received a device interface REMOVAL notification for device:

When I check Device Manager, the device is all gone!
What can possible cause this? Would be grateful if anyone out there can help me with this,

Marino Meloni_1
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Re: DLT vs80e dissapears from Device Manager

check for scsi connections and also for power connection, have a look if when this appear the device go into a POST, look at the led sequence.
try to run L&TT long test (media validation or read/write test) in order to see if the problem reapear.

It may be the TapeDrive is defective and than need to be replaced

the messaage related to interface removal notification indicate that the device is not yet see on the bus.

It may be a connection problem inside the server too.


David Ruska
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Re: DLT vs80e dissapears from Device Manager

It would be worthwhile to see if the drive reported any hardware problems (i.e. hard error).

If you can run LTT (which you mentioned already), click on the support tool, and view the support ticket. You can set the detail level to everything, and expand the drive error log. The vs80 holds 6 (or 7) errors in an event log. Each entry should have a POH (power-on-hour) field, which you can compare with the current POH to see if it occurred whe your backup failed. The log is non-volatile, and you can not clear it. It wraps around when it is full (keeping the most recent entries).

Let us know what you find.

This will help rule out a drive/media problem.
The journey IS the reward.
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Re: DLT vs80e dissapears from Device Manager

We fixed it by removing the LVD/SE (HP C5742A) and C7434A adapter, and replaced it with a VHDTS68/HDTS68 (HP C2362B) cable.

Thanx anyway