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DLT000 / fbackup failure

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Brad Marks
Super Advisor

DLT000 / fbackup failure

I have been using a DLT7000 with fbackup (to backup a snaphot filesystem) for about 4 months with no problem. Recently fbackup has failed intermittently with the following error message(s):
fbackup(1004): session begins on Fri Aug 29 04:00:39 2003
fbackup(3203): volume 1 has been used 7 time(s)
fbackup(3024): writing volume 1 to the output file /dev/rmt/1m
fbackup(3026): ioctl error, can't query outfile
at media record 2155264
fbackup(3102): attempting to make this volume salvagable
fbackup(3123): could not read the previous checkpoint record
fbackup(3105): writing 2 EOFs and rewinding the tape
fbackup(3106): please mount a good tape
fbackup(3040): output file /dev/rmt/1m encountered an I/O error
fbackup(3019): would you like to enter a new output file?
fbackup(3004): writer aborting
fbackup(1002): Backup did not complete : Reader or Writer process exit
Here's the output of 'ioscan -f -H 10/4/12':

Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description
ext_bus 4 10/4/12 scsi3 CLAIMED INTERFACE HP 28696A - Wide SCSI ID=7
target 2 10/4/12.0 target CLAIMED DEVICE
tape 1 10/4/12.0.0 tape2 CLAIMED DEVICE QUANTUM DLT7000

I have read in this Forum about cleaning the drive, but have always thought that the only time to clean the drive, is when it asks to be cleaned.

Any help greatly appreciated (and points assigned),

It's not impossible -- it'll just cost more...
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT000 / fbackup failure


I assume you have tried with a new tape. Next step is to clean the drive (yes, DLT drives should normally only be cleaned when requesting for it, but if it not work ...).

If cleaning not help, it is most likley that the drive is bad. If you have another drive, try with this. Note that DLT8000 drives not work with the HP 28696A card.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT000 / fbackup failure

You're right. Only DAT drives should be cleaned regularly. DLT and LTO - only by their request.
You can check drive with HP LTT
I guess you have K-class server and connected drive to addon HP-PB HVD adapter. There were some patches for them, and cumulative patches for SCSI drivers. There are some patches for fbackup too. If you have addon HSC HVD adapter (in core IO or in expansion board) try connecting drive there.
Try another tape (better new-just-unpacked).
If you wish you can generate LTT support ticket for drive and attach it to your next reply zipped