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Re: DLT1 SDLT220 DL7000 Communication port for library pcb

Pierre Bernhardt
Occasional Contributor

DLT1 SDLT220 DL7000 Communication port for library pcb


I want to replace my drive in overland library by my dlt220 tape drive. I've an DLT7000 which was running well but now has a corrupt door mechanism. And the original DLT1 now needs to much time to rewind which could comes from bearings.
I have an Compaq SDLT220 internally which is mechanically possible to use in the lib (which is labled as sdlt ready) but the communication port between dlt1, dlt7000 and sdlt220 has been changed. The dlt7000 have a 10 pin communication port ( 10 to 10 ). The DLT1 has a 14 pin communication port. But for the sdlt220 I could only guess which is the correct one. The 8 pin port on right side of the power connector could the one which must be used.
To create a new cable so I need an cable assign
for dlt1 and sdlt220 for comparing. Could anyone help?
The manuals on download side could not answer me or I'm to blind to find them.

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT1 SDLT220 DL7000 Communication port for library pcb

Hi Pierre,
I think you will only loose time trying to make it work, Even if you get the right cabling and modification for the interconnection between the SDLT and the Library, there is another factor that will prevent it to work
In fact the firmware between a stand alone drive and an automation drive is different, and the "personality" of the drive will prevent you to change the firmware group. so in a Stand alone drive, only stand alone FW is accepted and in an automation drive, only automation fw is allowed.
at this point, if you will be able to use an automation drive as standalone, you will never be able to use a stand alone drive in a tape library