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DLT1 with Proliant ML350

Peter Wieland_2
Occasional Contributor

DLT1 with Proliant ML350

I have retired a DLT1 from another server, and I would like to use it on a ML350 running Server 2003.

When I connect it, the SCSI discovery on powerup does not see it correctly (the device is there but the name is corrupted), and Server 2003 Storage Agents Service hangs.

When I look in the System/Hardware list, the 2 hard drives are listed along with several devices with corrupted names, and the DLT is nowhere to be seen. There are only 2 hard drives on channel 1, and the DLT1 is the only device on channel 2. I have changed the SCSI cable and terminator.

HP Library and Tape Tools shows the 2 hard drives on channel 1, and the controller with a red X, and nothing on channel 2.

Occasionally the DLT is discovered correctly, but dissapears after a couple of hours.

Any ideas?

Tina Karasch
Valued Contributor

Re: DLT1 with Proliant ML350

hi Peter,

check if your channels are used as raid - if so - no supprise...this drv is not supported on raid :)

if not - check if:

you have got the 2nd channel terminated actively - or are connecting it to at least a 2940u2w

u are using the newest non-ms scsi drivers ie compaq for onboard or scsi hba maker for all others

that the firmware of your drv is v50

then if you wanna use the "ntbu" use the hp driver !
this should resolve your issue

If U want to; let's get technical.... :P