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DLT8000 + ARCSERVE 9 + NETWARE 6 + unable to backup


DLT8000 + ARCSERVE 9 + NETWARE 6 + unable to backup


Since a few weeks, I have a big backup issue :
It is impossible to backup my netware server!
The error message I have is :

19-Nov 10:16:25 E6929 The tape drive has a problem with the host interface:
1. Check the cables and cable connections
2. Restart the operation.

- I have check and change all the hardware configuration (cable, tape, tape drive)
- The NW server has the latest service pack (NW6SP3, NSS3c...)
- The server is a ML530, Smart array 5302

The backup job starts, and a few minutes later, I have this error message, and sometimes Arcserve says the tape is full..(wether it's not!)
Any one have an idea?


Tina Karasch
Valued Contributor

Re: DLT8000 + ARCSERVE 9 + NETWARE 6 + unable to backup

without the exact error msgs that AS gives - not really - but:

= connecting it to the smart array maybe not best idea if your disks are connected to it too !!

also ensure that the dlt80 has the latest fw (v86 at the moment) you can use ltt for novell to do the fw upgrade url:

and ensure that ArcServe is patched too !!
Alao, check your overwrite settings are not set to indefinite and maybe check if the scsi drver is the latest too.....
this should ensure that you dont get issues.
If U want to; let's get technical.... :P