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DLT8000 on a k class machine

Paul Senior_1
Frequent Advisor

DLT8000 on a k class machine

I have purchased a DLT8000 (C6378A) tape device and used a HSC SCSI2 FWD HVD (A2969A) card to connect it to the HSC bus on an alk370 (A 9000/898)machine running B.10.20
The device is picked up by ioscan:-

alk370 / >ioscan -funC tape
Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description
tape 2 10/8.8.0 stape CLAIMED DEVICE QUANTUM DLT8000
/dev/rmt/2m /dev/rmt/c3t8d0BEST
/dev/rmt/2mb /dev/rmt/c3t8d0BESTb
/dev/rmt/2mn /dev/rmt/c3t8d0BESTn
/dev/rmt/2mnb /dev/rmt/c3t8d0BESTnb

when I try and run frestore it claims it cannot use the selected device file, and suggests I use another of the above.
This is stated whichever driver is chosen.

FYI: I have the following patches installed:-

PHCO_18563 B.10.00.00.AA LVM commands cumulative patch
PHCO_23844 B.10.00.00.AA fsck_vxfs(1M) cumulative patch
PHKL_16751 B.10.00.00.AA SIG_IGN/SIGCLD,LVM,JFS,PCI/SCSI cumulative patch

PHKL_16957 B.10.00.00.AA Physical dump devices configuration patch
PHKL_17858 B.10.00.00.AA Fix for mount/access of disc sections.
PHKL_20611 B.10.00.00.AA Correct process hangs on ufs inodes
PHKL_21595 B.10.00.00.AA PHKL_19540 PHKL_18198
PHKL_21661 B.10.00.00.AA lo_realvfs panic fix, Cumulative LOFS patch
PHKL_22855 B.10.00.00.AA stape and tape2 cumulative patch
PHKL_23419 B.10.00.00.AA VxFS mount(2) cumulative patch
PHNE_19936 B.10.00.00.AA cumulative ARPA Transport patch
Arend Lensen
Trusted Contributor

Re: DLT8000 on a k class machine


Can you use the device with dd?.
Try writing a couple of blocks to and from a tape with dd, see man page for correct syntax.

Kind regards,