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DLTvs80 External SCSI Select pins?

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DLTvs80 External SCSI Select pins?

I had to take apart my DLTvs80 to manually remove a stuck tape. I found the instructions on the site. I made a mental note about the placement of the 2 connectors that come off the SCSI selector thing. I swear I put them back where they came from, but the system will not recognize my drive now. Can anyone tell me for sure what pins get what wires on the connectors?
Joey Jackson
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Re: DLTvs80 External SCSI Select pins?

Eric, in our lab the other day we completely dissasembled a VS80 external, I'm opening one now to have a look at the pin configuration.

Ok, looking at the back of the actual drive inside the casing, there are three connectors on the back of the drive. From left to right they are the SCSI connector, the four pin power connector, and a whole bunch of jumper size pins that connect the SCSI ID switch. The SCSI ID conector has two pieces, the one on top is the 4 wire connector, this one is on pins 4,5,6,7 (from left to right) starting with the blue wire on the left. The other conector is a two position but should have one gray wire, the gray wire goes on pin 4 in the bottom row

P P P B Y R Br

P= empty pin
B= blue
Y= Yellow
R= Red
Br= Brown
E= Empty connector

I hope this solves your problem! Good luck!

Every Day is a Good Day
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Re: DLTvs80 External SCSI Select pins?

Thank you SO much!! That helps a bunch.

You rock!!