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DP5.5 stops on clusternods in SAN

DP5.5 stops on clusternods in SAN

We're running DP5.5, one ESL-E and servers running Windows Server 2003. By some strange reason all backups over LAN or SAN works fine accept SAN-backups on our file clusters. One day it fails after 200 Gb, and the next day it fails at 500 Gb, so we can't find a pattern where it hangs.

We have noticed that when we start a filebackup via SAN on a cluster node, the disk agent completes and data starts streaming to tape, but by some unknown reason the streaming stops after a few hours, and the bma.exe-process utilize 100% of one processor.

We've also noticed that the ESL-E is detected as an Unknown Medium Changer in Server 2003. The tape drives are recognized as LTO2-drives. (Both library and tape drives are disabled in Windows...)

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