DP6.0 Problems

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DP6.0 Problems

I have an Integrity blade BL860c which came with factory-installed Windows 2008 Itanium-based. The server is configured as a data protector 6.0 client and had disk agent and media agent installed and patched. The cell manager is installed on ProLiant blade BL460c with Windows 2003 SP2. The DP6.0 was patched with the latest patches (DPWIN_00384, DPWIN_00385, DPWIN_00386, DPWIN_00387, DPWIN_00388, DPWIN_00389, and DPWIN_00340). However, I am facing 3 problems at the moment.

1- When I try to deploy the patched Oracle integration on BL860c, it displays "The integration not supported on the target system".

2- The DP6.0 GUI unexpectedly terminates when monitoring the backup or restore sessions after applying DPWIN_00386 (which supports Windows 2008) while it works fine when I remove the patch.

3- Media agent on BL860c does not work properly and fails to connect to the tape drive (the drivers for MSL2024 are installed) while works fine when I backup over the LAN through the cell manager.

Please help if anyone knows the solution of the above problems.