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DP6 Server 2008 / Vista Support ???


DP6 Server 2008 / Vista Support ???


i have DP6 running on Server 2003 with ML6000 Tape Library (6 Fibre Channel LTO3 Library) and about 30 Server.

Now i tried to select a Server 2008 as Client.
But unfortunately DP6 detects the File System as "Unix Filesystem" and the partitions are selectable but not the Folders.

So by trying to select a unique Folder there is a failure. Opening the + in the "Source Filesystem" is not possible.

So has anybody an idea how to resolve this? Or will there be a new patch available to backup Server 2008/Vista in future?

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D Lancaster
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Re: DP6 Server 2008 / Vista Support ???

Win2008 Server is not currently supported by DP. It is in progress but no availabilty has been published publicly.