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Re: DPE 3.5-SP1 Schedules

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DPE 3.5-SP1 Schedules

We are running DPE 3.5-SP1 on a system off site in a Data Centre and we plan to have a 3rd on site party rotate our backup tapes. This 3rd party does not have access to our system apart from physical access to the autoloader.

My management plan for them was to provide them with a monthly schedule so that they knew which tapes had to be in the autoloader and when. I have seen that you can generate and email with instructions, but is there any way to do this for a monthly schedule instead of a day by day basis? Either that or I need to rethink my backup configuration.

Currently if there is not a blank tape in the silo, or the correct tape, then the backup waits. Should this happen? I was hoping it would just grab any tape and overwrite it? I have "Auto format mode" set to "Auto format all media" in the "Device/Media" section of my backup job and hoped this was enough... could someone please let me know if I am wrong.

Luis Arias
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Re: DPE 3.5-SP1 Schedules

Hello Klyps,

If you decide to create another jobs and use the same cartridges you have been using on another one the you have to erase them first.
DPE for security reasons label each tape and does not format the tape if it belongs to another job.
Erasing the tape, you erase that label and the tape can be used on another jobs.