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DPE 4.0 SSE - Can't see network files

Troy DuVal

DPE 4.0 SSE - Can't see network files

We have an HP 72x10 autoloader on a Windows 2003 Server running Data Protector Express 4.0 SP1 SSE. Everything runs fine but for some reason the program will not see a lot of the files that are located on some of the mapped drives. We have 1 particular mapped drive and some of the files are visible but some are not. I have checked permissions on these folders and in some cases I made them available to everyone just to test but the program still could see them and therefor would not back them up.

Does DPE run as a particular Windows user when backing up? I cannot figure out how to make these network files visible. These files were visible when using the standard NTBACKUP program but we would like to use DPE instead.