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DPE 5 Single Server Backup to WD myPassport USB drive

David Paynter
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DPE 5 Single Server Backup to WD myPassport USB drive

We are currently running Data Protector Express 5 for 1 Server (upgraded from Basic) and are attempting to run a backup to a removable USB HDD (WD MyPassport 1TB) drive. The drive has been connected via USB, then unlocked using the password and is visible in Windows Explorer. In DPE, the drive is visible and selected as the only backup target under Devices, in the the Job,


However, when the job is run, it FAILS immediately with the Error 1047: No Media Specified.


Is this not a supported backup media configuration?

Is there a specific procedure to follow in order to prepare the external HDD before it can be targetted for a backup?


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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Re: DEEP 5 Single Server Backup to WD myPassport USB drive

Hi David,


Sorry for the delayed response.. I just tried to replicate the same scenario and it is working for me. I just connected my external Seagate Hard disk and it is visible in DPX 5.x then configured the backup job with device selected under " Removable Disk devices" and the backup went through.


the only difference I can see is the Password for the harddisk you have mentioned. You can either try to disable password or create a Virtual device targeting to your USB disk and try



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