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DPE SSE reports Media Errors on Brand New Media

Craig Brehm
New Member

DPE SSE reports Media Errors on Brand New Media

I am running DPE SSE 3.5 on Windows 2003. I have been running backup jobs nightly without error since June 2008.

Suddenly, for the past week, I have been receiving media errors and my backups have failed.

I ran the cleaner tape through the drive. I received another error warning me that my tape was not usable.

I opened a brand new tape.

I ran a backup and received the following error:

"Error 4075: TapeAlert - Critical - Media

Your data is at risk: 1. Copy any data you require from this tape. 2. Do not use this tape again. 3. Restart the operation with a different tape."

If a brand new tape in a recently cleaned drive won't work, I think I have a different issue, and the error codes are pointing me in the wrong direction.

I attempted to perform a backup to an external HD using a virtual tape device. I am backing up 17GB of data to a 75GB drive. I am told there is not enough room to complete the operation.

This makes me think I have an issue with the DPE SSE software.

Any suggestions?
Craig Brehm
New Member

Re: DPE SSE reports Media Errors on Brand New Media

I forgot to mention that I am using a StorageWorks DAT 72 USB external tape drive.

I have downloaded the StorageWorks Drive and Tape Tools. The diagnostics report the drive is in very good shape.

It simply hates all of our tapes.

I am trying to update the firmware, but it does not seem to recognize the firmware I just downloaded from HP.
Olibe Babaco
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Re: DPE SSE reports Media Errors on Brand New Media

Hi Craig,

I hope you will receive other ideas then mine, but just to point some steps you might perform.

First of all according to me it will be a great idea run LTT diagnostic
Assessment test and Media assessment test will be enough -> check the logs there might be some issues with the cartridge or the drive itself.

Besides DPX is fond of formating the tapes. I mean try to format them and try a backupjob.

If you are using an external USB HDD - this may be the reason it is not functioning even that way ... it is not supported

Then to exclude issue with the drive or the media , you can just launch a small backupjob for testpurposes with the good old NTbackup.

I hope this tips will help You on your investigation ;)

Best Regards
Craig Brehm
New Member

Re: DPE SSE reports Media Errors on Brand New Media

I have been through all of the LTT diagnostics. All tests were passed successfully. The only warning was that I don't clean the drive often enough.

This device is not supported? Then why does HP include this software with the product? It was a major selling point.

I find it odd that HP would bundle the DPE SSE software with a product that is not compatible.

I find it odd that the software has worked with the USB Tape Drive since May without any issues and decided to fail now that an updated version of the product is available (but only for purchase, not for download).

I just checked the product matrix, and this drive IS listed as a compatible product on this page:

I was able to run small test jobs to the drive yesterday after running the diagnostic tools. They completed successfully.

I was able to run my full backup last night. It completed 100%, but it warned of media errors yet again.

Hopefully, there is a better answer.
Craig Brehm
New Member

Re: DPE SSE reports Media Errors on Brand New Media

I just realized that you were saying that the external HD was not supported. I thought you meant the external tape drive.

I will keep searching for a solution to my media error issues.
Craig Brehm
New Member

Re: DPE SSE reports Media Errors on Brand New Media

The backup scheduled for over the weekend has failed with another different error code.

I am being told to perform a clean. I had just performed one.

Is it normal for the tape drive to ask for cleanings every day?

The diagnostic software tells me that the drive is working fine, but the software refuses to play along.

Perhaps I should just send this drive back to HP for a replacement. Or is it possible that my tapes are going bad after only a few months of use?