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Re: DPE SSE v3.5 to v4.0

Mark Blinman
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DPE SSE v3.5 to v4.0

We have a number of servers running various versions (3.x) of DPE SSE. Was just about to upgrade them all to v3.5 sp2, but now see there's a v4.0 download.

It doesn't like the license key from v3.5

Does anyone know if the upgrade to v4.0 is free, and has anyone done the upgrade? (and if so, how do you get an updated license key)

tia, Mark
D Lancaster
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Re: DPE SSE v3.5 to v4.0

Hi Mark,

As you have learned, the 3.X keys do not work with 4.0. Unfortunately you cannot upgrade Single Server Edition from 3.5 to 4.0 for free. You will need to purchase an upgrade to the full product for a discounted price.

For customers who have the full product and are under a current support agreement will receive an email from HP with details of how to upgrade for free. Other customers must buy the upgrade.

Raymond Seeto
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Re: DPE SSE v3.5 to v4.0


Does this also apply for recent tape drive purchases? I purchased a Ultrium-3 960 External drive on the 25/6/2008 and want to run it on Windows 2008. From your doco/specs Windows 2008 support was added with 4.0. I have gone to register for the license key for SSE and only get a 3.x key. So does this mean I have to buy the upgrade to the non-SSE product to run it on Windows 2008?


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Re: DPE SSE v3.5 to v4.0

Hi Ray,

call the support center for your country , raise a case and they will probably elevate the issue to 2nd level... there is always some issue with the license of this pdroduct

Re: DPE SSE v3.5 to v4.0

This is very dissapointing. I purchased a new DAT 72 Drive for a customer, and would have assumed it would at least include a license for the latest version of DDE SSE V4.0 instead we just get a CD with V3.5SP2 complete with all of it's various bugs. On second thoughts I'm not actually that surprised at all :-/