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Re: DPE Single Server Ed. Logs

Chris McSwain
New Member

DPE Single Server Ed. Logs

We are currently switching off of Backup Exec and moving to DPE as our backup solution. However, in Backup Exec you could set the logging preferences to show you the specific file(s) or clients that failed or caused the backup to produce an "alert" or "errors". MY question is, Is there not a way for me to get this level of logging with DPE? Thanks.
D Wong
Regular Advisor

Re: DPE Single Server Ed. Logs

Hi Chris:

You can get more details on you DPX backup job status by opening your backup job properties and selecting the Options page. Then click on the Log options button. Select the Logging type: and "Log all".

After your backup job completes you can look under the DPX "Recent Logs" icon for your specific backup job information. Click on the specific job to open the details of your backup job log.