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Re: DPX Error 1040


DPX Error 1040

Hello all,

I'm using HP Data Protector Express (v3.50-sp1 - 32092) on a ProLiant DL320-G2 running Windows 2003 Server. I'm using an HP StorageWorks Ultrium 460 tape drive with new HP Ultrium 100GB/200GB data cartridges (C7971A). While doing a backup (Backup Specific Files/Folders) I'm getting the following error:
"Error 1040: No devices specified or all devices are now offline."
The backup requires three data cartridges (~295GB of data). The first completes without errors. The error occurs after the second data cartridge is inserted into the tape drive. L&TT report no errors with the tape drive or the SCSI bus.

The help files for DPX have no entries for any of the DPX error codes. Even HP's troubleshooting site for DPX has almost no information related to DPX error codes, certainly nothing related to error 1040.

Has anyone seen this error before?

Any/all hints would be greatly appreciated.

D Lancaster
Honored Contributor

Re: DPX Error 1040

Hi Chris,

Looks like there's a missing link on again. Where you want to go is to the assisted troubleshooting link. There you can get info on all the error messages. YOu can get to it from and select "Guided Troubleshooting" in the right column or here is the direct link.;jsessionid=625271C69A7C50E9D96A055516F75465.ubbnpwb4?locale=en_us&prodSeriesId=501431&node=prodITRC%2FUK_HS_IPG_PSG_Ktree_Homepage_EN_01_E%2FN1%7C3%7C5%7C37&prodTypeId=12169&serverId=1#src

Error 1040 results when the backup job loses connectivity to the tape drive while the job is in process. The most common reason with a SCSI device is that you have the SCSI tape connected to the disk array HBA. This is not supported. You must have a separate SCSI HBA for the tape drive. (See the tape drive's manual for details).