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DPX Question - Eval Licenses

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DPX Question - Eval Licenses

Installed Data Protector Express with licenses purchased for all the hosts I'll manage in a single domain. When I first installed it I got these eval license alerts, I happened to be on the phone with support one day and they cleared them out for me, I didn't capture the process. Now I've added 3 more hosts to my DPX domain and I have 3 more of those same annoying alerts. The alert is for "linux disaster recovery agent". The alert is VERY annoying, can anyone tell me how I can clear this out? Thanks.
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Re: DPX Question - Eval Licenses

Too right - This problem is a right pain. Annoys the hell out of us!

The alerts continue for "Linux Disaster Recovery Agent" even thought the server that the alerts refer has been rebuilt!?

The documentation has zero info on this.
What is the fix?