DPX Tape Error

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DPX Tape Error

Hi All,

Was not able to find DP Express forum so i am uploading in DP form my queries.

We have DP Express running on standalone drive in one of our remote site, i usually face problem for wrong media alert i.e as per schedule if correct label tape is not loaded and at the same time if backup triggers searching for correct tape i.e. say on Monday tape is loaded of some other day which is not correct as per schedule then this warning will trigger.

Error 1401: Alert - Please insert compatible media

In this case i get only two option one is continue and other is cancel option, continue will not help as tape loaded is wrong.
If i cancel this tape will come out and we miss the backup for this day and need to wait for next working day to some one attend this to load the tape.

Is there any option in data protector express to abort the backup and remove this alert without disturbing tape inside standalone drive.

My only thing is to some how take this backup removing the alert without ejecting the tape from drive.

Can any one help on this if you have some solution.

I have attached the alert snap shot pls check it.

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Re: DPX Tape Error

Aravind there is a faoult free backup job but you will need to perform fullbackups every day.

1st Change you rotation type to No rotation
2nd Erase the tape 1 time only.

If you dont like to do this then tell me how many GB is you backup what kind of rotation will you like to perform and what hardware are you working with.

Pablo Alvarado Siles
Pablo Alv Siles