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DPX backup server 3.10 SP4

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DPX backup server 3.10 SP4

My apologize if i am in the wrong thread.

I have Data Protector Express Single Server Edition 3.10sp3, and upgraded to backup server 3.10 sp4 running on Windows 2003 Server R2 SP2.

and licenses states below;
1. 11 x Network Server Backup Agent (BB121AA) and
2. 11 x Open File Backup (BA153AA)

What is the cause of Problem below;
1. System State --> Error 4408: Object end not found Ver: Boot and SFP Files.

2. File Systems\C:\ActiveMQ\AQMaster\activemq-data\journal --> Error 4408: Object end not found Ver: log-000.dat

Please kindly help. Wrong in my licence or other issue.? Please.

Attach with the failure activity log.

D Lancaster
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Re: DPX backup server 3.10 SP4

Hi Dustan,

Error 4408 and the accompanying error 4409, also seen in the log file are usually related to reading spanned tapes on recovery, not on a backup job like in your case.

One of the errors is related to the ActiveQM log file aparently changing while it was being backed up. You aparently have the licenses for Open File Manager so you might want to check your configuration there. I'm not sure OFM and AQM are compatible or if AQM is compatabile with Microsoft VSS, your other open file option.

In general, I'm just guessing here but it appears that something might not have upgraded correctly.

There are a couple of things to try and I'd
do them sequentially.

1. Stop and restart the Data Protector Service. This will be found in the list of services. The actual service is dpwinsvc.

2. Create a test backup of a small folder of data. Do not include the system state or the AQM folders. Make sure that the backup option "Use Snapshots" is checked. (It should be, this is the default on new backup jobs.)

3. If the test backup job runs successfully, re-run your job that failed.

4. If it is successful, you're OK. If not, contact HP support for further help. This is going to take some interactive time to determine the cause.

5. Successfull or not, you should consider upgrading to Version 3.5. The upgrade files are available at

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Re: DPX backup server 3.10 SP4

Hi DL. Thank you.

Yes, I did try upgraded to 3.5 initially. But, this will turn some licenses (Open) to invalid, thus, i revert back to 3.10 SP4 again. Backup for a simple folder is ok without error.

I am currently working out with HP for the solution.

Will post the solution if i have.

Any general view are welcome. Data gathering and information sharing. Cheers