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DPX database size - how to reduce

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DPX database size - how to reduce

We've been using the HP Data Protector Express (DPX)software with an Ultrium 920 LTO tape drive.

The DPX database folder (C:\Program files\HP\data protector express\database) has grown to over 3Gb in size.

Most of this is in two files

"object data - 000.dat" = 1.96Gb
"instance data - 000.dat" = 1.28Gb

How do I decrease the size of these files?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: DPX database size - how to reduce

Sounds like you might be keeping a full catalog of all backup data. If you don't need that level of detail, adjust the job reporting properties.

To get rid of data already stored in the database, I think (but am not positive) you'll need to 'recycle' cartridges or set data retention policies.

That is, if your backup application thinks you keep your backup tapes forever, it will keep the catalog forever. If you tell it you have a rotation scheme where a tape is used for a full backup but then re-used after a month for the next full backup, it will free up the data in the catalog.

Data Protector Express has a pretty complete set of rotation templates... if you're not using them, look in to it. It should help keep this kind of thing from becoming a problem.
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Re: DPX database size - how to reduce

Get rid of everything execp for your backup job, you can also try moving the data base.

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Re: DPX database size - how to reduce


I have the same problem as Chris. I've already deleted unused and old objects, logs, backup jobs, etc. but still the size of the two files was unchanged. Is there a way to release the unused/free space?

Note: I also tried fixing the database after the the cleanup but still the file size was unchanged.