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DPX how to assign media to a rotation schedule.

Daren Grant
Occasional Advisor

DPX how to assign media to a rotation schedule.

Greetings all,

I'm having difficulty in setting up a Media Rotation using Data Protector Express and our MSL2024 Tape Library.

I have created a backup job , and selected the GFS25 schedule for a 25 media set Grandfather Father Son backup, The Library is full of newly formated blank media, but when the job initially runs it creates a new set of folders for the 1st yearly job, but this folder contains no media.

So my question is how can i setup all the media folders and add media in to them before scheduling the job?
I understand that I could add media to this Yearly / Yearly Set 1 / Folder but when the next backup runs it will create a new folder for the daily sets which again will have no media.