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Re: DR from disk with DPE 5 on W2003

Russell Ailion
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DR from disk with DPE 5 on W2003

I would like to confirm whether DPE 5 can perform a disaster receovery from disk on Windows 2003. My client has DPE 3.5 Single Server and would like to upgrade if it provides this functionaility.


While my client knows DR can be achieved by tape, they want the added convenience of disk restoration in a crisis.


I've downloaded the maual and while backing up to disk is covered, selecting a disk for DR is only mentioned for Windows 2008.


If it is possible, can it be done from a USB drive, or only from an internal drive?


Thanks for any clarification.




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Re: DR from disk with DPE 5 on W2003


Data Protector Express 5.0 supports Bare Metal Disaster recovery. It supports DR from an External USB hard drive as mentioned in the DPX user guide page 73. User guide is available at

All the more details of how to create a DR full backup, how to restore the server when disaster happens is also mentioned in the guide under the same chapter

Hope that helps





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