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Ryan Bueter
Occasional Visitor


I have recieved a Compaq DS-TL891-NE Rev B06, part # 120876-B21; I'm trying to determine if it is either HVD or LVD. I could not find any manuals or specifications through HP/Compaq's site as which one it is. I currently have an Adaptec AHA-2940U2W and don't know if they would be compatible together. The device itself looks to be in good condition, and the card acknowledges other SCSI devices. Any ides would be appreciated. Please respond to my email address.

Ryan Bueter
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: DS-TL891-NE

the device should have a logo (see link which show it (sorry if in Russian, but the first I found in google)) if you read Differential, this mean HVD

I looked at the pn, and it is reported as a HVD one:

The 2940 is a LVE/SE, not compatible with HVD(in case your library is HVD), in that case the 2944 from adaptec is HVD

Rick Dyson
Valued Contributor

Re: DS-TL891-NE

Some versions of the TL800 library were LVD. I have one of each (HVD and LVD). They are not 'compatible' or interchangeable as far as drives or controllers go.

*USUALLY* the LVD versions were sold as TL89xDLX. But apparently there was a field swap kit I was told recently, so it would not have to be labeled "DLX" if it had been converted.

The most probable version you have is HVD.

From your post, it is not clear whether you have connected this library to the Adaptec card (what is the host?) or not. If the two are happy together, then you are good!