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Dat 72 and Proliant DL 380 on Redhat EL ver 3.

Eric Hutchinson_2
Occasional Advisor

Dat 72 and Proliant DL 380 on Redhat EL ver 3.

This is a pretty strange one and I would appreciate any help.

We have a Proliant dl380 G4 running Red Hat Enterprise Linux ver 3. The box is filled with six 36 gig u320 drivers connected to a Smart array 6 card. Originally we had an external dat72 drive connected to only external scsi port on the box. I am pretty sure this was the Smart Array card's external port. In the backup software (Microlite Backupedge) we could backup to the drive without any incident but when we tried to verify what was on the tape it would fail saying there was no tape in the drive. After many talks with HP and RedHat it was decided to get another scsi card for the server . We purchased another HP branded U320 card ( At HP's recomendation)but we got the same result. HP told us to get a Ultra 3 card. After installing the card we still got the same result....No Verify. All of the cards were recognized by kudzuu at startup and configured without incident. In the hardware browser the scsi card and the tape drive are listed. Now off to the side we had an HP external Dat 40 so out of frustration we tried it and it worked. Backup and Verify. Perfectly. And to make it worse the DAT72 worked just fine on the other server we put it on. This server was a Windows 2003 box. Any Ideas. BTW, All firmware in all scsi cards and the motherboard was up to date..