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Dat 72 tape Drives

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Dat 72 tape Drives


I have come across a problem with a DAT 72.What happens is that when a brand new tape is used for the first time the drive accepts it and performs a backup as normal.When trying to use tape again it fails to see the tape.I noticed that the tapes are not being fully rewinded and When they are manually rewinded the rest of the way the tapes are seen again. Any idea what could be causing this.Is it a Firmware,Driver issues or a hardware issue.
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Re: Dat 72 tape Drives

Is the drive connected to hp-ux?
If yes which device file name you are using?
/dev/rmt/0m --> rewinding device
/dev/rmt/0mn --> Non-rewinding device

How did you manually rewind? (using mt )

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