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Dat Tape mounting Windows XP

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Occasional Advisor

Dat Tape mounting Windows XP

Does anyone any ideas if there is some software that would enable me to mount my dat tape and use it has an hard drive. I have seen a program call DATMAN which can do this but this software only supports upto windows ME.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Dat Tape mounting Windows XP

Hello Chris,
tape drives are sequential devices, and if even you'll manage to find this software I can not imagine how 'fast' will it work. Tape devices are designed for backup. As I know there are some 'levels' of storage methods:
1. online storage: hard disk drives: random access (fast), non-removable media;
2. archival storage: optical drives/floppy diskettes/ZIP drives etc: random access (fast), removable media;
3. backup storage: tape drives: sequential access (slow), removable media.
I do not think it's good idea to use backup storage as online storage. Maybe it's better for you to buy new hard disk? Much faster and comfortable, need no special software. Then you'll be able to backup data using, for example, Native windows backup utility